Because I love you

I just adore my mom. It’s almost hard describe how much I love her. We live 400 miles away from each other but we talk everyday, sometimes more than once. I feel like our hearts are connected. Every time I call her she says she was just about to dial me, and when she calls me I’m just about to call her, and it makes us laugh every time. It makes me smile just thinking about how wonderful she with my son. She’s the worlds great Nina! She’s a hard worker, caring, funny, kind, patient, and I want to grow up to be just like her. I constantly pray that I can be as amazing of a mom to my son as she has been to me. I just love her!

I’ve been wanting to make her a cardigan for a few years now, because she’s definitely knit-worthy. I showed her a few patterns that I had been toying with and she decided on the Hitofude. I ordered the yarn in the colorway Robot, bought the pattern, and the yarn came and I cast on. Fast forward one week. I put the newly started cardigan (a half a repeat in) into a project bag, zipped it up and didn’t open it again for two years.. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the project. I really did! I honestly can’t remember why I stopped knitting on it, I probably got distracted by another project. But at last, I buckled down and knit it!


I decided to rip out the old start of the cardigan in fear that my gauge had changed in the last two years, and boy am I glad that I did! My knitting has definitely relaxed. So I re-knit a gauge swatch at a smaller needle size, US 4, and cast on. Smooth sailing with this knit.


Coffee and knitting – these are a few of my favorite things!


Soaking my finished cardigan in the Sunday morning sunshine.


Blocked and beautiful! This will be a Christmas gift for my mom, I have a feeling she’s going to love it!

Until next time,




Speaking of Christmas

Since I’m already over here yapping about Christmas knitting let’s just keep it going with it. I’m a summer Christmas knitter (a rare unicorn it seems). I know some of you daredevil knitter like to live on the edge and like to wait until November (or maybe December, rock on if that’s your jam), but I just can’t handle that kind of holiday stress. The traffic is always crazy at that time of year so I feel like I’m sitting in my car half the day, there’s cookies to be baked, church programs to get to, the Nutcracker to see, and of course you can’t forget all of the family that come to visit (taking a lot of the secrecy out of the Christmas knitting, which is my favorite part). I like to play it safe and knit all the Christmas gift during the summer.. try it next year, it’ll make you happy. It not, your money back guaranteed.

Last summer I had the grand plan that I’d knit all of our stockings. We’ve been married for four years now and every year my husband suggests we buy stockings but NO WAY, I’m a knitter, darn it, I can make stockings. So back to last summer, I knit one. It was for my son, it turned out great, I got distracted and never knit my husbands or mine, so like me. My knitting attention span isn’t too great.

Here’s the one I knit for my son. It’s the Cars & Trucks pattern by Judy Tollefson. I used a few colors of Shepherd’s Wool that I had in my stash. It blocks out so nicely for colorwork. I was thrilled with the result. Those little cars and trucks are just darling!


This year, it’s the year.. it has to be. I want a mantle full of hand knit stockings.. is that too much to ask for!? So I pulled up Judy’s pattern pages and let my husband pick. He liked the Gold Brocade and so did I so I pulled together some yarn, also some Shepherd’s wool, (I had them already caked up, so the ball band is long gone, sorry!) and cast on. I knit the toe and heel of both stockings different from what the pattern indicated. I wanted a solid toe and heel so I did a short row heel and a standard toe decrease. I think small change will tie all of the stocking together.

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 9.07.56 PM.png

I haven’t chosen a stocking for myself yet, I wanted to get a few gifts done before I jump into another. I’m planning on the main color being red with hints of the colors in the boys stockings, but that’ll probably change.

Hubby Christmas Sweater Update:


Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 8.55.21 PM.png

Status: Great

Special note: My adorable tea pot stitch marker, helping me remember when to start a new row

I’m going to go put a pot of tea on and knit a few rounds, you should do the same.

Until next time,


And they’re off

Friend, my wait has ended.. Okay, I’m being a little dramatic. I think you probably know the feeling, if not stick with me. You find the most perfect pattern and you MUST cast it on RIGHT NOW, but you need the yarn, so you order the yarn, stock the mail man until it arrives and once it does.. you immediately cast on!

I’m getting a little ahead of myself, let me catch you all up. I decided a few weeks ago that I would knit my husband a sweater for Christmas. I’ve knit a lot of sweaters, but never one for him, so I knew I wanted to make him something that would make up for his lack of hand knit sweaters. Have you heard of that superstition about knitting your significant other a sweater? Well, it’s definitely not because of that.. I just had to make lots of beautiful sweaters before I could slow down to knit him one, it’s all about the priorities people!

I had only one requirement, cabled cardigan. After about two minutes of searching I found it.. Timeberline, by Jared Flood. I wasn’t kidding when I told you it was a doozy in my last blog post. I did some serious drooling over the project pages of other knitters, go take a look.. you’ll want to own that sweater too, I’m sure of it.

I decided to knit the sweater out of Cascade 220 Red Wine Heather. Cascade 220 is soft, washes up well, and it’s affordable for a sweater quantity. I really love Nordic Mart (I think I need to be their poster girl), they get things out to you super speedy, perfect for a ‘must knit this now’ kind of knitter.

FullSizeRender (1)


Here’s what’s done:

  1. Pattern printed
  2. Husband measured
  3. Swatch knit
  4. Tubular cast on figured out

I’d say I have a pretty great start on this bad boy! I made gauge with the suggested needles, making this knitter very happy (I hate having to gauge swatch more than once, are you with me on that? Am I just a lazy knitter?). The tubular cast on was such a mind trick. It still surprises me how sometimes knitted things happen like magic.

I’ll keep you updated on how this project goes. It’ll be my largest project to date. Send me all your good knitting vibes so that I can pull this thing off by Christmas.

Until next time,




Hurry up, already!

My husband is a lover of my handknit socks, wanting a new pair as often as humanly possible. The moment a pair is cast off he’s wanting to pick a new skien out of my stash for his next pair. He’s spoiled and I love it! He wears them everyday, even in the summer, which make my skin crawl (I’m a bare foot kind of gal all year round). The amazing thing about wool sock is that they keep your feet dry when you’re sweating or when you get snow in your boots, and they don’t smell stinky at the end of the day. WE LOVE YOU, WOOL!

So for the last few years I’ve always had a pair of socks on the go while I knit on other projects. Keep the hubby happy, keep the knitter happy – win, win!

The most recent project was some Drops  Fable in the colorway: Chiaroscuro. I like to buy my Drops from here. I used some of my hand dyed yarn for the heel. I love adding the hand dyed yarn to push great socks over the edge to extra special socks. I used 2.75 mm Hiya Hiya Sharps, my favorite (heart eyes!) needles! Cast on 64- 2×2 rib for about 15 rows,  knit leg as long as I can stand it, Fish Lips Kiss Heel, knit the foot (trying it on Hubby as I knit) start decreasing toe once the sock is two inches from the tip of big toe, decease until there are 6 stitches on both the front and back needles and Kitchener stitch the toe closed.




Everyday I knit on socks without fail, it’s my meditation. It makes my hands happy, and calms my mind. It’s the cheapest therapy!

In other news, I’ve been doing a lot of looking out my front window for signs of the mail man. I have a big package of wool that’s supposed to make its appearance today. I’ve picked out the most gorgeous sweater for my husband that will be his Christmas gift. It’s a doozy, so I’ll need 4.5 months to get this thing done. But more on that later! I know, I’m such a tease..

Until next time,


It’s All About the Deadline

Hi friends!

I finished my Multi-Faceted quilt by Moda. It was such a fun and satisfying project! My mom raved over the Feather Quilt that I made a few months ago, and although I love her.. I couldn’t part with that beauty (sorry Mom)! So I looked online for a beautiful pattern that I could finish fairly quickly, because in true Abby fashion I put myself on a strict time crunch. My moms birthday was 12 days away– challenge accepted!

I used fabrics from Jo-Ann’s  so I’m not sure of the fabric designer but I loved how the colors went together and I didn’t have time to order fabric online, so you take what you can get. The moment I pulled my sons bedroom door shut for nap time, I threw a load of laundry in the washer, and bolted into my studio. Multi-tasking at its finest! Quilting time for 1.5 hours! (Happy dance!)

13298208_1613664735628468_1230154646_nDay 1: Iron and cut all the fabric

Day 2: Lay the quilt out on the studio floor, stand up, change mind on placement- repeat, until right


Day 3: Start sewing rows together

Day 4: No nap time. Happy ‘not sleepy at all don’t make me go to sleep’ toddler goes for a walk in the woods


Day 5: Continue sewing rows together

Day 5 (night): So close to having quilt top pieced, stayed up late and finished piecing

Day 6: Quilt basting party with Netflix

img_2440Day 7: Straight line quilting finished 

Day 8: Binding finito– And the project is in the books! I go smell my rose and consider it a job well done!


Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 9.42.09 PM.png

I made my self-induced time line! I wrapped it up and on her birthday gave it to her, she loved it! There’s something about making things for my mother that is so satisfying. She’s worthy of everything handmade!

My brother took one look at the birthday quilt and announced that his home needed a quilt too.. so I’m sure I’ll be putting myself on another quilting deadline soon. If you’re a maker,  I think you’d agree that it brings joy to your heart when your loved ones love your work and want in on the action.

What have you all been working on? I can’t wait to share with you about my knitting adventures that I’ve had lately!

Until next time,



Feather Quilt 

I’ve finished another quilt!! Happy dance! It’s the Feather Bed Quilt by Anna Maria Horner. 

I made the twin size and seriously I’m in love! 

What a fun project, I highly suggest it! And what a scrap buster it was. I used only fabric from my stash to make the feathers. I tried not to be to picky about the scraps I chose and I’m happy that I wasn’t because I think they variety makes the feather more interesting.

Until next time, 



I’m the kind of person that needs to create. It’s in my makeup, and I love that about myself. I can feel my need to create in all aspects of my life. I’ve loved creating a home for my little family, creating a happy life for my son, creating special memories and traditions to be enjoyed by the people in my life. Life is just so much sweeter when I’m making it beautiful.

I think that’s why I love hand making. I pour my love into something and it can be used for years to come. Hopefully making someone feel loved.

I’ve been spending a few moments each day for as long as I can remember creating. It’s a stress reliever, and frankly I just don’t feel like myself if I don’t take time to make. 

I’ve been spending some time quilting these past few months and I’m addicted to the end result, a big cuddly blanket my family can snuggle under. 

This is the Multi Faceted Quilt by Moda Bakeshop. It’s been a super quick and fun project! I’m really looking forward to gifting it to my mom for her birthday! I’ll show you the finished project once I get it quilted!

Until next time, 


Spring Fever for Quilting 

Around this time of year I come down with a fever, dum, dum dum!.. the quilting fever. 

Last year the fever didn’t last very long. Just long enough for me to finish the quilt top, basted it, and folded it up neatly and put it in my studio closet. 

Well the spring flowers were blooming and it was raining more than the sun was out and I could feel the fever coming on. I. Had. To. Quilt. 

Lucky for me I had an unfinished quilt waiting for me. The pink half square triangle quilt. This quilt is filled with pink fabric that I had collected through out my crafting life, and even some fabric sent to me by dear friends. 

My husband snapped the finished quilt pictures and announced that I needed to show off my pink hair along with my pink quilt. Hey.. Can you tell I have a thing for pink?!

Another quilt is in the works and I hope the fever sticks around for a lot long than it did last year! 

Chicks and Knits 


Today we added two chicks to our henhouse, well not technically.. They are in the shed beside of the coop under a warmer. They are soft and sleepy.. I just love them!

This week I’ve been knitting on my campside cardi by Alicia Plummer. It’s been a quick knit, but I’ve been sidetracked by so many other things that the sleeves have been taking me forever. I’m knitting it out of some of my handdyed merino, it’ll be a great wearable peice to add to my wardrobe.

The knitted bunny plush was so fun to knit! The pattern is Little Dutch Rabbit. Knit out of some cascade 220. I think it used about 20 yards of each color.. Perfect project to use up some scraps.

I completed the first of sock of this set. It’s Opal, I think. I sized down to 2.2 mm needles and I’m definitely liking the gauge of fabric with smaller needles. I think with a tighter gauge these socks will be more hard wearing.

Unil next time,


Sun for Sunday


I woke with the sun streaming through our sheer flowered curtains. What a prefect way to start a day. I rolled out of bed and cracked some eggs into the cast iron skillet, the smell of breakfast brought the rest of the family out of their slumber.


We took our afternoon coffee on the porch. The sun warmed our legs, and the birds chirped happily in the bare branches of the trees. The sidewalks filled with parents pushing strollers containing chattering toddlers. The world comes alive when the sun comes out.


We gathered our own toddler into his stroller and pushed him down to the corner coffee shop. The barista smiled sweetly down at him and offered a blue lollypop. We sipped lattes in the Adirondack chairs on the side lawn, it was a brief glimpse into the coming months ahead.



Until tomorrow,